Addressing the Current Housing Crisis in California

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The housing crisis in California has resulted in the extremely high cost of living in the state. As the population of California has continued to grow over the years, the cost of living has been rising as well.

One way of addressing the current housing crisis in California is by increasing the amount of affordable living space in the state. But how can this be reasonably done? The cost of land and the cost of construction is getting expensive as well, and investors are in it for the profit, not necessarily for saving people money.

California Is Addressing It’s Current Housing Crisis by Making Legal Garage Conversion Easier to Do

California is addressing it’s current housing crisis by providing property owners with additional flexibility for converting garages into legally permitted residential units.

How does garage conversion address the current housing crisis in California? Garage conversions are a great way of addressing the current housing crisis in California because they help create affordable housing opportunities in the state.

Garages that are converted into legally permitted residential living space are called Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU). ADUs are financially beneficial for renters as well as property owners. They are beneficial for renters by saving them money on housing, while at the same time they are also beneficial for property owners by providing them with additional income from renting out an ADU.

What Makes It Legally Easier to Convert a Garage Into Residential Living Space Now?

Recently passed laws such as Assembly Bill 68 (AB-68) and Senate Bill 1069 (SB-1069) have amended previously existing laws that regulated garage conversion to residential living space in California.

The recently passed laws provide a new set of standards and regulations which are much easier for homeowners to obtain legally permitted ADUs. In addition, these new laws also provide regulations for local agencies cities and counties and limit their power in order to prevent them from denying permits for ADUs, as long as the standards set by the new laws are met by a property owner.

These new laws such as AB-68 are in favor of garage conversion therefore they provide property owners with more rights while they limit the rights of local agencies such as cities and counties from setting their own regulations. Some added flexibility factors for property owners include size limits of ADU, lot size limits, amount of ADUs per property, and more. Local agencies cannot deny permits as long as property owners are within the standards of the new laws. The new laws also limit the maximum amount of days that a local agency may take before approving or denying a permit request.

As a result of these legal changes, more and more homeowners in California have been converting their old garages into residential living space and renting them out for additional monthly income. Due to the fact that ADUs are generally smaller than average homes, they are a means of addressing the current housing crisis in California because they create affordable housing opportunities for residents of the state.