How Can You Estimate The Baseboard Installation Cost Complete Guide
How Can You Estimate The Baseboard Installation Cost Complete Guide

How Can You Estimate The Baseboard Installation Cost? Complete Guide

Do you have baseboards in your house? If not, then we must say that you need to install baseboards in your house to add a furnishing look to your place. People rarely think about fixing baseboards in their houses because they think it is a very time-consuming and expensive task. For your information, we are going to tell you the cost of baseboards and how you can reduce their cost.

The baseboard installation cost is not too much that you can’t afford it. If you want to install baseboards in your house then you can adjust your budget. You can’t exactly measure the cost of baseboard installation because it depends on several factors. According to a rough estimate, the baseboard cost per linear foot is about 3 to 10 dollars.

Factors Affecting the Cost To Install Baseboards

There are many factors that can affect the cost of the baseboards’ installation. Keep in mind all those factors that can up or down your cost. Be careful in your choice so you can easily install baseboards in your house on your budget.

You can also get a quote from your favorite installer to get an idea of how much you have to spend on your baseboards. Remember that quotes only have installation prices; other services such as baseboard painting or removal of old baseboards are not included in this.

Baseboard material, style, labor cost, painting of baseboards, and repair of old baseboards are some of the most important factors that can influence the cost of baseboard installation.

1. Baseboard Material

Baseboard material is one of the greatest factors that can affect the cost of your baseboard installation services. If you select a baseboard that is very costly, it can upset your budget. Select the material from the baseboard according to your budget.

There are many types of stuff for baseboards, such as PVC, pine, oak, polystyrene, cherry, and MDF. All of them have different rates. If you want a pocket-friendly option, then you can choose PVC, MDF, or polystyrene. If you can afford more, you can also select oak or pine for this purpose.

The installer of your baseboards measures your area and then tells you how many baseboards you need.

2. Cost Of Labor

Labor costs are not fixed. It depends on the choice of installer. If you are choosing an installer that has a very high hourly rate, then your price to install the baseboard can increase. Usually, installers charge $50 to $110 per hour for the installation of your baseboards. If you have a low budget, then you need to find an installer that charges less for your services.

Always keep in mind that you have to select a professional installer that can give you excellent work. If you hire an untrained man, it can create problems for you.

3. Baseboards Styles

The style of your baseboards also affects the baseboard cost per foot. If you are selecting standard designs for your baseboards, then it will cost less, but if you like to install the baseboard uniquely, then the cost of installation will increase.

There are several designs on baseboards that you can choose for the fixing of baseboards. The most common styles of baseboard installation are sculpture molding, shoe molding, flat base molding, quarter-round molding, rounded molding, and decorated baseboard corners.

You can select the style of the baseboards according to the interior of your house. Choose wisely the style of the baseboards that does not cost too much.

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4. Repairing of Old BaseBoards

If you want to install new baseboards in one part of your house and repair baseboards in another part, it will also increase your cost. Pay the installer some extra money for the repair of your old baseboards.

Your installer can charge you from $1 to $5.7 per linear foot for the repair of the baseboards. Repairing is a good option for the baseboards if they are not highly damaged. It cost less compared to installing new baseboards.

5. Size Of Your Project

The size of your project matters a lot. If you have to install baseboards over a large area, it definitely costs more. If you are installing baseboards on a tiny portion, then you will have to pay little. As linear feet increase, the cost of installing baseboard molding also increases.

6. Baseboard Painting

Baseboard Painting can also increase your budget. If you have a difficult style of baseboard, then the installer takes more time to paint them, so your cost for baseboard installation can increase because you have to pay hourly. We suggest hiring a local painter for the painting of your baseboards because he charges less.

Why are Baseboards Used?

The basic purpose of baseboards is to fill the gaps between walls and floors. It can protect your walls from damage. When you are walking, many times you kick your walls. It can damage your walls and can also ruin the appearance of your room. So this is the main purpose of installing baseboards.

Nowadays, baseboard installation has become a trend. Your house without baseboards is incomplete, so you should have them installed to lighten up your place.

Is Solid Wood Better Than MDF Baseboards?

Solid wood is always better than MDF baseboards. Not only solid wood, but even softwood is more resistant than MDF. Most solid wood baseboards are highly expensive, so most people can’t buy them. That’s why people usually install MDF baseboards, so their baseboard installation doesn’t disturb their budget.

But if you don’t have any issue with money, it is advisable to use hardwood instead of MDF on your baseboards. It is more resistant and stronger. Hardwood is highly durable, and you don’t need to repair it again and again.

Is a Baseboards Installation Worth It?

If you think that baseboard installation can waste your money because it has no benefits, then you might be wrong, because after learning the benefits of baseboards, you are going to install them quickly. Baseboards protect the lower parts of walls and the edges of your floor from damage.

Baseboards add an elegant look to your house. They give the finishing look to your room and turn your boring room into a royal room.

Do You Have Any Need To Replace Your Baseboards?

Baseboard replacement is not a simple task because you have to afford the cost to replace baseboards.

If you think that replacement of the baseboard is cheap, then you might be wrong, so it is highly advisable to only replace the baseboard when it is highly damaged. If your baseboards are stained or highly damaged and water gets inside them, then it is time to change your baseboards.

Summing Up

Baseboard installation is one of the most important tasks that you have to perform before shifting into your new house. Baseboard installation costs vary because of different factors. Consider all the factors so you can be within your budget while installing or replacing your baseboards.