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Get the best quality bathroom remodel for the lowest price possible! You won’t have to look much further than our professional design and construction teams when you are considering remodeling your bathroom.

At All American Builders we provide some of the best bathroom remodeling Los Angeles has to offer. We understand that you need a bathroom that has all the comforts, where you can relax and unwind at the end of the day. Our specialist design team will incorporate all your ideas to create a pristine bathroom that has all the comforts you can dream of.

Bathrooms have evolved into more than just places where you brush your teeth and drape your towels. It has become a sanctuary where you can take a break to relax. Turn your bathroom into one of the best features in your home. Our bathroom design team will work closely together with you to ensure that the features, décor and finishing touches of your remodeled bathroom are top class.

Bathroom Remodel by All American Builders

Bathroom remodelers at All American Builders are some of the best in the business.

Our design team and craftsmen will work together with you on all aspects of the project. They will discuss all aspects of bathroom design and the décor you desire. When it comes to bathroom remodeling, All American Builders goes to every extreme to ensure that you have a bathroom that is the envy of your friends.

Our vast experience and attention to detail make us one of the most sought after bathroom remodeling companies in Los Angeles. Our teams of craftsmen will deliver a remodeled bathroom that will exceed your expectations. They will pay attention to every small detail from cabinet installations to floor finishes.

Do you need help with redesigning your bathroom? Our team of experienced designers can provide you with a variety of bathroom remodel ideas.

Bathroom Remodel Cost in California

Every homes bathroom remodel cost in California can be different based on the requirements of the project.

The main cost factors of remodeling a bathroom are based on labor and materials required for the job. Certain factors of remodeling in California may be more expensive compared to other states as a result of high prices for labor and taxes.

Our professional designers can change the appearance of your bathroom completely without it costing you a fortune. We will work within your budget in order to provide your project with all your desires, for the best price possible.

Our professional bathroom designers can change the appearance of your bathroom completely without it costing you a fortune. We will work within your budget. You don’t need to do a complete upgrade to have the bathroom you desire. We will provide you with a range of cost options on all your bathroom fittings, from bathtubs to towel rails.

You will enjoy soaking in your tub with the knowledge that it did not dent your wallet.

We provide a wide variety of options in choosing your shower, bathtub, shower heads, faucets and all bathroom accessories. We can remodel any bathroom from the smallest to the biggest into your own private paradise.

Frequently Asked Bathroom Remodel Questions

We begin the process with the design phase. During the design phase we will get to know your wishes and overall home style.

From there we will help you navigate through the multitude of details involved with remodeling. Including cabinet style, countertop options, plumbing, tile flooring options, lighting ideas, shower, bath, toilette, and more.

It will depend on the details of your design and the availability of materials and fixtures.

Most bathroom remodels include removing the bathtub and/or shower and replacing the toilet, vanity and flooring. Larger projects may require rearranging the room or making it larger.

Yes, All American Builders offers financing if you qualify.

One of our project managers can let you know if you qualify after going over details with you. Call us now at (844) 226-3314 for more information.

Yes, a shower can be re tiled without redoing the bathroom floor.

It is only necessary to for a bathroom to have an exhaust fan if the room does not have any windows.

Although exhaust fans are not required for restrooms without windows by law, they are still highly recommended. This is due to the fact that they are helpful in removing humidity and odors from the room.

In addition, the bathroom will last longer as a result of the exhaust fans removing the humidity.

A double sink bathroom vanity needs to be at least five feet wide.

The types of tiles that can be used for bathroom floors and showers include stone, ceramic, porcelain, metal, glass tile, and more.

In some cases, refinishing a bathtub and/or shower can be beneficial while, while in some cases not.

It can add years to the life of a bathtub if it is done properly and on time by a professional. Refinishing a bathroom tub and/or shower can be a good option in some situations. Tubs that are not rusted can benefit from being refinished.

Get in touch with one of our Los Angeles bathroom remodeling contractors to go over the details of your tub and we will help you find out the best choice for you.

No, someone is not required to be home at all times during construction.


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