Can You Turn a Garage into a Pool House?

Can You Turn a Garage into a Pool House Legally?

Can you turn a garage into a pool house? Many property owners that have a garage near a swimming pool may wonder about this.

Yes, a Garage Can Be Converted into a Pool House. Legally and Easily.

Due to recent laws passed, property owners can now do a garage conversion into a pool house with legal ease.

As a result of Senate Bill 1069 (SB-1069), the process of converting a garage into a living space such as a pool house or room addition has gotten legally easy.

The extra living space that garages can be converted to are more formally referred to by SB-1069, as secondary housing units on single-family residential lots, called Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU). SB-1069 provides a set of standards for property owners to follow in order to legally convert a garage into an ADU.

Why Does Senate Bill 1069 Make it Easier to Convert a Garage into a Pool House?

Before this law was passed, there were no standard of rules on which legal garage conversion could be based on.

Therefore, cities used to have the right to force homeowners to get permits and/or licenses which where difficult to obtain, in order to convert their garages into a secondary housing unit. As a result, homeowners used to continuously come across legal conflict with converting their garages into pool houses prior to SB-1069.

Thanks to SB-1069, property owners are now able to convert their garages into pool houses with legal ease.

Does Our Company Convert Garages into Pool Houses?

The answer is yes, our construction company in Tarzana, Los Angeles, CA, can convert any old garage into beautiful pool house,

We Convert Garages into Pool Houses of All Shapes and Sizes.

Our garage conversion contractors specialize in turning old garages into pool houses and all other types of other room additions as well. Whether you want to turn your garage into a master bedroom addition, kitchen addition, or any other form of living space, we can do it for you. Our remodeling experts can go over all the specific details with you in order to your vision into a reality.

It’s a Great Time to Convert a Garage into a Pool House

Why is it such a great time to convert a garage into a pool house? Senate Bill 1069 now makes it easy for property owners to convert a garage into a pool house.

As property owners are beginning to find out about these legally beneficial laws that have been recently passed, more and more of them decide to convert their garages into ADU.

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