Can You Turn a Garage into a Pool House?

Can You Turn a Garage into a Pool House Legally?

Can you turn a garage into a pool house? Many property owners that have a garage near a swimming pool may wonder about this.

Yes, a Garage Can Be Converted into a Pool House. Legally and Easily.

Due to recent laws passed, property owners can now do a garage conversion into a pool house with legal ease.

As a result of Senate Bill 1069 (SB-1069), the process of converting a garage into a living space such as a pool house or room addition has gotten legally easy.

The extra living space that garages can be converted to are more formally referred to by SB-1069, as secondary housing units on single-family residential lots, called Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU). SB-1069 provides a set of standards for property owners to follow in order to legally convert a garage into an ADU.

Why Does Senate Bill 1069 Make it Easier to Convert a Garage into a Pool House?

Before this law was passed, there were no standard of rules on which legal garage conversion could be based on.

Therefore, cities used to have the right to force homeowners to get permits and/or licenses which where difficult to obtain, in order to convert their garages into a secondary housing unit. As a result, homeowners used to continuously come across legal conflict with converting their garages into pool houses prior to SB-1069.

Thanks to SB-1069, property owners are now able to convert their garages into pool houses with legal ease.

Does Our Company Convert Garages into Pool Houses?

The answer is yes, our construction company in Tarzana, Los Angeles, CA, can convert any old garage into beautiful pool house,

We Convert Garages into Pool Houses of All Shapes and Sizes.

Our garage conversion contractors specialize in turning old garages into pool houses and all other types of other room additions as well. Whether you want to turn your garage into a master bedroom addition, kitchen addition, or any other form of living space, we can do it for you. Our remodeling experts can go over all the specific details with you in order to your vision into a reality.

It’s a Great Time to Convert a Garage into a Pool House

Why is it such a great time to convert a garage into a pool house? Senate Bill 1069 now makes it easy for property owners to convert a garage into a pool house.

As property owners are beginning to find out about these legally beneficial laws that have been recently passed, more and more of them decide to convert their garages into ADU.

California Garage to ADU Conversion

California Garage to ADU Conversion

Garage to ADU conversions are the second most common way to create additional dwelling space within our existing residential home in Los Angeles. In California, garage conversions are commonly referred to as Granny flats or Accessory Dwelling Units, “ADUs”.

In fact, a large number of Los Angeles residence already live in “back houses” and ADUs. Thanks to Senate Bill 1069, converting your existing garage into an ADU can be the easiest and most cost-effective way to create an additional dwelling unit to your property as well as offering various other advantages.

Additional Rental Income

ADUs provide an additional source of rental income for homeowners and low-cost housing for many renters living in Los Angeles. Likewise, an ADU conversion offers manageable density to single-family areas where new apartment complexes would be hard to construct.

California Senate Bill 1069

In 2016, California Senate Bill 1069 made it easy for homeowners obtain approval of remodeling garages into new living spaces. The bill to reduce the barriers many California homeowners face when seeking to build an accessory dwelling unit or granny flat on their property.

Garage to ADU Conversions Size Requirements in California

Garage to ADU conversions size requirements can vary by city in California.

For instance, in the City of Santa Monica, all types of ADUs can be up to 650 square feet in size. On the other hand, in City of Glendale garage to ADU conversion size requirement is limited to a maximum of 600 square feet. City like Santa Monica, Glendale, and Pasadena have ADU ordinance which outlines city-specific guidelines for ADU dwellings.

However, per state law, the size of an ADU attached to the main residential house is limited to a maximum of 1,200 square feet or half the size of the existing residence, whichever is smaller. While, detached ADUs can not be larger than 1,200 square feet.

Do You Need a Permit for Los Angeles Garage to ADU Conversion?

In Los Angeles-area cities, and in unincorporated Los Angeles County, homeowners seeking to do a garage to ADU conversion may need to run the plans for the remodeling project by their local department of building and safety.

ADU Certificate of Occupancy

Upon the completion of garage to ADU conversion homeowners will need to obtain a certificate of occupancy before a tenant can move in. As such, the ADU structure will need to be inspected, including electricity, plumbing, and heating system will be required to all be in working order.

Garage Conversion Ideas

There are many garage conversion ideas other than converting it into a room. Some garage conversion ideas include:

  • Garage to living space conversion
  • Garage to studio conversion
  • Garage to game room conversion
  • Garage to  home office conversion
  • Garage to playroom conversion

Garage Conversion Contractors in Los Angeles

Are you are seeking to do a garage conversion for your next home renovation project? Get in touch with our general contractors that offer top quality garage conversion in Los Angeles for a free estimate. Our garage conversion services include garage to room, garage to ADU, garage to living space, garage remodeling, garage to apartment, garage to studio, garage to game room, and even garage to office in Los Angeles.

Senate Bill 1069

California Senate Bill 1069 for Garage Conversion

California Senate Bill 1069 (SB-1069) was filed with the secretary of state, and approved by the governor on September 27, 2018. Senate Bill #1069 allows homeowners to convert a garage into a living space with legal ease.

Prior to Senate Bill #1069 being passed, it was difficult for homeowners to convert their garages into living spaces due to Planning and Zoning Law. This bill replaced the term “second unit” with “accessory dwelling unit” throughout the law. This law makes specifications towards the requirements of garage conversion.

The purpose of this bill is to make it easier for homeowners to convert their garage into a new room addition that can be used as living space.

Senate Bill No. 1069 Allows Garage Conversion Into Living Space

Senate bill number 1069 makes it much easier to convert a homes garage in California into a living space.

Taken from information provided on

“The Planning and Zoning Law authorizes the ordinance for the creation of 2nd units in single-family and multifamily residential zones to include specified provisions regarding areas where accessory dwelling units may be located, standards, including the imposition of parking standards, and lot density. Existing law, when a local agency has not adopted an ordinance governing 2nd units as so described, requires the local agency to approve or disapprove the application ministerially, as provided.

This bill would instead require the ordinance for the creation of accessory dwelling units to include the provisions described above. The bill would prohibit the imposition of parking standards under specified circumstances. The bill would revise requirements for the approval or disapproval of an accessory dwelling unit application when a local agency has not adopted an ordinance. The bill would also require the ministerial approval of an application for a building permit to create one accessory dwelling unit within the existing space of a single-family residence or accessory structure, as specified. The bill would prohibit a local agency from requiring an applicant for this permit to install a new or separate utility connection directly between the unit and the utility or imposing a related connection fee or capacity charge. The bill would authorize a local agency to impose this requirement for other accessory dwelling units.”

In basic terms, laws set by Senate Bill 1069 make it easy for homeowners to do garage conversion in Los Angeles without having difficulty with legal issues. This is due to the fact that the bill removes the rights of local agencies such as cities and states from requiring certain permits/licensing.

Garage conversion remodelers turn old garages into a new rooms that can be used as a living space. This living space can be rented, leased out, or used by the owner depending on the circumstances of his or desire.

Senate Bill 1069 Makes it Easy to Legally Do Garage Conversion in California

Have you had problems in the past with getting approved for garage conversion permits or licenses? California Senate Bill #1069 now allows homeowners to easily obtain approval of remodeling garages into new living spaces.


Converting a Garage Into a Living Space

Converting a garage into a living space has now gotten much easier to legally accomplish due to Senate Bill 1069. A garage conversion is often one of the most affordable ways to add living space to your home as the walls, foundation, and roof already exist.

When deciding to convert your garage into a living space, it is recommended that you complete a careful assessment of your garage. This is done in order to determine potential issues, if there are any

What Factors You Should Consider When Garage Conversion into a Living Space?

A few things to things to consider the possibilities such as:

  • Garage Door
  • Floor
  • Electrical Wiring
  • HVAC System
  • Heating and Cooling
  • Plumbing
  • New Walls

How Much Does It Cost for a Garage Conversion into a Living Space?

The cost for a garage conversion into a living space will vary depending on what you want.

A typical one car garage to bedroom conversion can cost you on an average between $4,000 or as much as $25,000. But you could probably spend $18,000 to $50,000 to convert a two car garage.

If you also want to add a bathroom into your garage to living space conversion the cost typically increases. The price can go up by anywhere between $10,000 to $25,000. A basic garage conversion may typically include, new walls, plumbing, floors, heating, cooling, and interior work.

What Does a Garage Conversion Involve?

A quality garage conversion generally may take anywhere from 3-6 weeks.

This includes completely insulating walls and ceiling, installation of HVAC system for heating and cooling, raising floor height to allow for insulation over the concrete slab, new drywall, adding windows and doors, replace garage doors with insulated stud walls, and adding new flooring.

Garage Conversion Laws

Garage conversion laws vary by city and state. It is easier to convert a garage into a living space in certain cities and states compared to others.

As a result of California passing Senate Bill 1069, homeowners are now allowed to convert their garages into a living space with ease. Now that the legal difficulties of garage conversion in Los Angeles are out of the way, home owners are finally legally taking advantage of the opportunity.

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