4 benefits of adding a kitchen island

4 Benefits of a Kitchen Island

With regards to remodeling, kitchen islands are extremely popular amongst homeowners. Below are 4 benefits of a kitchen island as well as reasons to add one to your kitchen. Regardless of the extent of your kitchen, there are numerous sorts of kitchen islands to look over—from portable kitchen island carts to islands with enough seating that can even replace your dinner table.

1. Extra Storage Space

Presumably the most engaging element of a kitchen island is more storage room, particularly if your islandless kitchen has practically nothing.

In the event that you long for a kitchen island with capacity, you can plan one with cupboards or racking underneath or above it. There are interminable adjustable capacity choices to consider also—anything from an implicit wine rack or espresso cup holder to hanging utensil racks.

2. Relaxed Kitchen Seating

For the individuals who are disappointed by an absence of kitchen seating, an island can give a place to family and companions to sit while suppers are being readied.

It’s likewise an incredible place for children to do homework, watch their folks cook, and maybe figure out how to cook themselves. Huge kitchen islands can situate upwards of six individuals, yet even little kitchen islands regularly have space for two seats.

3. Additional Separate Kitchen Workstation

In the event that you will in general invest a large portion of your energy in the kitchen completing a particular kind of cooking undertaking, you can plan your kitchen island to be a claim to fame workstation.

For instance, incorporate a sink, an implicit cutting board or slashing square, a blade sharpener, and a ton of open counter space, and you have a prep station. On the off chance that you’d preferably have a heating station, choose a stove, worked in cooling racks, and extra outlets for preparing related apparatuses, and modify your island stockpiling to oblige things like heating sheets and blending bowls. There are endless conceivable outcomes.

4. Increase Your Home Value

Notwithstanding its pragmatic uses, a kitchen island can feature the general style of your kitchen just as give visitors something to concentrate on other than cabinetry.

A kitchen island can increase the value of your home, and as a plan component, an island adds something exceptional to a generally common kitchen.

Los Angeles Kitchen Remodeling Contractors

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Renovation vs Remodel

Renovation vs remodel information. Are you wondering what the difference is between home renovation vs remodeling?

Many property owners planning on doing home improvements might subconsciously think these two words mean the same thing. Although in reality, the words renovation and remodel have two different meanings.

Renovation vs Remodel Differences

Let’s look into the details about differences between the two words. By understanding what they each mean, you can begin to use each word properly.

Renovation Meaning

The word renovation refers to “restoring” an existing structure and making it new again without changing the way it looks.

In this case, an existing structure that is worn out or damaged can be renovated by providing it with the proper repairs. As in result of renovation, an existing structure that was worn out or looking old will look new once again. Therefore, the structure will keep its existing look.

A renovated structure or room does not take on a new changed look, it just looks like a newer version of its self with the same style and design as it always was.

Remodel Meaning

The word remodel refers to changing the structure of something and giving it a different look.

When remodeling an area, there is usually demolishing involved and a completely new structure is formed to meet the needs of a new design. Therefore, a remodeled structure will have a different look relative to the previous structure that was in its place.

For example, garage conversion is considered to be remodeling, not renovation. This is due to the fact that the structure is being changed, not just renewed.

Additional Information About Renovation vs Remodel

In most cases, remodeling projects can be more expensive than renovation projects.

This is due to the fact that renovating an existing structure generally requires less labor and material compared to remodeling. Renovating an existing part of a home just to make it look newer doesn’t require nearly as much labor and material as demolition and building a whole new structure would require.

Clarification Examples of Renovation vs Remodel

Renovation Example

An example of renovation would be if the area had construction work done on it to restore it and make it look new again. During a renovation, the home will keep its same style and look, while looking new again.

Remodel Example

An example of a remodel consist of changing the way the remodeled area looks. When we do home remodeling in Los Angeles, the style of the remodeled area is upgraded and changed. In this case, the remodeled area takes on a whole new look which differs from how it previously looked.

Renovation vs Remodel Overview

In basic terms, a renovation project will make the area look new again with the same style, on the other hand, a remodel project will upgrade and change the way an area looks with a new different style.

Many property owners looking to do construction on their house may have mistaken the difference between renovation vs remodel prior to reading this article. Are you interested in seeing some renovation and remodeling jobs done by All American Builders? Check out our Google business listing for pictures and more information about our company!


Kitchen Renovation Remodel Material

Choosing Materials for Kitchen Remodeling

Choosing materials for kitchen remodeling can be exciting yet difficult at times.

Every kitchen remodel job is different, but here are a few general guidelines you can follow which can better help you successfully choose the perfect materials for your project.

Whether you simply want to give your kitchen a new face, seeking to add more value to the property prior to listing your property up for sale on the market, or in more serious situations, your kitchen was destroyed in a fire and needs complete renovation, carefully consider your material selection(s) for your home renovation project. This is especially true for kitchen space to cover 4 focal points of your kitchen which include cabinetry, countertop, flooring, and backsplash.

1. Kitchen Cabinetry

Kitchen cabinetry is always the most important part of a kitchen remodel project as the style of your cabinetry door will be the main character of your kitchen.

You can even change the style of your entire kitchen while saving plenty of money, by only doing cabinet refacing instead of completely remodeling it.

2. Kitchen Countertop

Choose quality kitchen countertops for your home renovation project.

Granite countertops are a popular choice for many residential homeowners. There are various numbers of different natural stones consumers can purchase on the market. Man-made quartz countertop are becoming increasingly popular due to their innovative textures and durability. While, there are various types of kitchen countertop material to choose from the following is a short list of potential options:

  • Engineered Stone Kitchen Countertops
  • Granite Kitchen Countertops
  • Marble Kitchen Countertops
  • Soapstone Kitchen Countertops
  • Concrete Kitchen Countertops
  • Stainless Steel Kitchen Countertops
  • Ceramic Tile Countertops
  • Quartzite Kitchen Countertops
  • Other Luxury Countertops

3. Kitchen Backsplash

When choosing kitchen backsplash keep in mind that if you’re cooking a lot and your cooking involves a lot of grease, it is recommended to avoid using non-polished natural stones for your backsplash. Tiles are one of the more popular backsplash styles for kitchens. Often people may use recycled glass tile for their backsplash. Or, simply use a single sheet of glass for their backsplash.

4. Kitchen Flooring 

There are many options for kitchen flooring you can choose for your kitchen remodel including:

  • Porcelain Tiles: Porcelain tile comes either glazed or unglazed, they’re durable and look good
  • Ceramic Tiles
  • Hardwood: Hardwood flooring combines warmth and beauty, and is comfortable underfoot is both durable and requires low- maintenance
  • Sheet Vinyl Kitchen Floors: Sheet vinyl flooring is waterproof and stain-proof, which makes it ideal for cleaning up spills and splashes
  • Cork Flooring: Cork is both waterproof and resilient, which makes it a comfortable, moisture-resistant choice for kitchen floors.
  • Linoleum: Linoleum comes in glue-down sheets and snap-together tiles. Linoleum is also made from all natural, renewable materials including linseed oil, cork powder, pine resins, and wood flour.

Get Customized Help With Choosing Materials for Kitchen Remodel

A construction company near you can provide you with customized help with choosing materials for kitchen remodeling regarding your specific project.

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kitchen remodel cost factors

Kitchen Remodel Cost

Every kitchen remodel cost is based on various factors. The main cost factor of most kitchen remodeling jobs is based on the size of a kitchen.

Kitchen Remodel Cost Factors

Although there are other factors that can matter, the size of a kitchen is always directly proportional to the total cost of remodeling it. The larger a kitchen is, the more labor and material is required, therefore increasing the price.

Another major kitchen remodel price factor depends on which parts of the kitchen are to be remodeled. A homeowner can choose to do a complete kitchen remodel or just cabinet refacing. What is the difference between kitchen remodeling and cabinet refacing? Kitchen cabinet refacing is a much more affordable way of redesigning a kitchen. With cabinet refacing, the lower structure of a kitchen does not need to be removed. Parts of a kitchens lower structure include the counter top, sink, wooden frame, plumbing, etc.

The cost will be based on if the homeowner keeps any parts of the lower structure, or if they wish for a complete remodeling job.

Average Kitchen Remodel Cost in Los Angeles $10,000 to $35,000

Remodel prices can vary with city. Kitchen remodeling in Los Angeles, CA may be more expensive than other areas. Although the average kitchen remodel cost in California is approximately $10,000 to $35,000, it is still possible for it to cost more or less.

Due to the fact that the price of remodeling a kitchen is dependent on size and materials required. An extremely small home may require less money than $10,000. While on the other hand, remodeling the kitchen of a larger home could possibly cost more than $35,000.

Overview of Kitchen Remodel Cost Factors

  • Kitchen Size
  • Materials Required
  • General Labor
  • Piping
  • Electrical / Wiring
  • Demolition

As a result of labor being required, the amount of time it takes to physically complete a kitchen remodel project is a varying factor of its cost as well.

Are you wondering how long kitchen remodeling takes? The main factors how long it takes to remodel a kitchen also include the size and style of the kitchen. This is due to the fact that the size and style of a kitchen are directly proportional to the labor and materials required for the job.

In general, the more labor and material required, the longer a job would take and the more expensive it would be.

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how long does a kitchen remodel take

How Long Does a Kitchen Remodel Take?

Average Time It Takes to Remodel a Kitchen

How long does a kitchen remodel take? There are various factors that go into how much time is needed in order to finish remodeling a complete kitchen.

Complete Kitchen Remodeling Usually Takes 3 to 6 Weeks

The average kitchen remodeling job usually takes about 3 to 6 weeks. This is without planning included.

Although three to six weeks is the average time of how long it takes to remodel a kitchen, there are other various factors that go into play. Other factors can either increase or decrease the total amount of time required for the job to be completed.

The main time factor of remodeling a kitchen is usually related to the physical size of the kitchen.

Although there are other factors involved, the size of the kitchen is directly proportional to how long it takes to finish remodeling a kitchen. This is due to the fact that the larger a kitchen is, the more labor and materials are usually required for the job. Major factors will include whether or not the remodeling project requires flooring, new cabinets, new faucets, new countertops, tiling, insulation, windows, doors, electrical wire, and more. Additionally, some kitchens require additional customization, for example in case they would need to be made for built in appliances.

Will Completely Remodeling Your Kitchen Require Too Much of Your Time and Money?

Do you think a kitchen remodel project will end up costing you too much time and money? Before starting a complete remodeling project, you should ask yourself if cabinet refacing is a more reasonable option for your home.

By refacing your cabinets, a general contractor can give your kitchen a completely new style without having to remodel the entire kitchen. This can provide the kitchen with an entirely new design while saving the homeowner plenty of time and money. So what is the difference between kitchen remodeling and cabinet refacing?  No need to search about the differences! Just read the article in our blog through the link provided in this paragraph above!

When refacing a kitchens cabinets, the lower main frame of a kitchen is not replaced. Parts of a kitchens lower main frame include the counter tops, wooden frames, sink, plumbing, etc. A homeowner can save plenty of time and money by keeping these lower main frame parts of a kitchen instead of doing a complete remodel.

In addition, permits are not required for refacing kitchen cabinets. Do you need help with a remodeling project for your home? Our experts at All American Builders can go over any specific details of a project you have! We’re known for offering some of the best home remodeling Los Angeles has to offer! Find us on Google Maps today! You can also check us out on Yelp to see what others have to say!