Energy efficient doors in Los Angeles, CA with installation services by All American Builders. Did you know that getting new exterior doors installed on your home can be a good investment?

Are you wondering how doors can be energy efficient? A homes doors provide insulation to a home. They are responsible for a percentage of heat loss and heat gain of a home. As a result, the amount of energy needed for cooling and heating is effected.

New exterior doors usually provide much better insulation than older kinds. Therefore, you can save money on utility bills because it will cost you less to cool and heat the home. Start reducing your households energy consumption now start saving money right away as a result of getting efficient doors.

Choosing the Most Energy Efficient Doors

If your planning on buying new exterior doors for your home should consider buying the most energy-efficient ones possible based on your situation. The based choice can be determined by considering the climate of where your home is located.

Doors have energy performance ratings based on their characteristics. These ratings are determined by the the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC). There are labels on new doors that are provided by the NFRC which provide details and specifications about each door. An NFRC label is a reference for comparing energy performance ratings in order to help you choose the best door for your home.

The label rates a doors efficiency with the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) and U-factor of a door.

SHGC ratings range from 0 to 1.0 rate how efficiently a door keeps out solar heat. Doors with lower SHGC ratings are more efficient at keeping out solar heat. Although, higher SHGC ratings are preferred for homes located in colder areas that require more heating. Lower SHGC ratings are preferred for homes located in warmer areas that want to block out heat from sunlight.

U-factor ratings of doors range from 0.00-2.00 and rate how well a door keeps in heat. Doors with lower U-factors are more efficient at keeping in heat. Doors with higher U-factors will have higher heat loss.

Get Energy Efficient Doors Installed Your Home Today!

Stop wasting extra money on cooling and heating your home. Make a great investment and make sure your homes doors are energy efficient so you can start saving money on bills right away, and in the long run.

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