Reasons Fridge Door Is Not Closing & How To Fix It
Reasons Fridge Door Is Not Closing & How To Fix It

Reasons Fridge Door Is Not Closing & How To Fix It

Many times, it happens when you enter your kitchen and see that the refrigerator door is partially open. Sometimes you blame your children, but it is not always your kids who do so. It is not good for your refrigerator if its door is open because it has to work extra hard to keep things cool.

From the open door, hot air comes in and cool air goes out, which is not good for your refrigerator and the things in it either. There are many reasons why the refrigerator door won’t stay closed. Tackle these reasons and try to close the door of your refrigerator.

Extra Weight; One of the biggest reasons for the opening of the fridge door is that the door has extra weight and now it cannot close.

Level Of Fridge; If your fridge door won’t have extra weight, then you need to check the level of your refrigerator. It is possible that your refrigerator is slightly imbalanced, and that’s why your fridge door is not closing.

A problem with Hinges; It is also possible that there is a problem with the hinges of your refrigerator. If the hinges are not smooth, your refrigerator will stay open.

Damaged Seal; A damaged seal is also another probable reason why your refrigerator door won’t stay closed.

Ways to Fix the Door That Won’t Stay Shut

1. Clear The Way Of the Fridge Door

If the door of your refrigerator is open, then first you need to check if any container, utensil, cane, or spoon is blocking the way of the door and it remains open. If there is anything, then clear it. This is the most common problem, and the solution is also very easy.

Another way to clean the fridge doors is to replace the shelves of the refrigerator. Sometimes just rearranging shelves is the best solution to all your refrigerator door problems.

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2. Replace the Hinges

Another way to fix the refrigerator door is to replace or tighten the hinges. If there is any problem with the hinges, then it is possible that your refrigerator door keeps popping open. Now you have to repair or replace the hinge of your refrigerator.

Open the door of the fridge and have a look at the hinge. If there is any dust or oil on the hinge, then wash it with detergent and hot water, but if not, then open the hinge bolts and tighten them again, and now check if your fridge door remains closed or not.

If your hinge is damaged or rusted, then it’s time to replace it with a new hinge of the same size. It helps you repair your fridge door.

3. Wash the Gasket Of The Fridge

Many refrigerator problems are related to the gasket, the rubber seal all around the door of the fridge or freezer. If your gasket is dirty, then it’s time to clean it. For the cleaning of the gasket, you need lukewarm water and detergent.

Take a damp sponge and dip it in detergent water and then scrub the sponge over the gasket thoroughly until all the dirt particles are removed. Then rinse the gasket with lukewarm water. Now a clean gasket can keep the fridge door closed.

4. Reattach or Replace The Gasket

If your gasket is clean and your fridge door still won’t stay closed, then you should try to reattach your gasket. If your gasket is not attached in some places or twisted, then you should remove it and then reattach it with great care so there is no twist and space in the gasket.

If the gasket of your refrigerator is too old and damaged, then you should replace it with a new one. When purchasing a new gasket, tell the company and exact model of your fridge so you can get a perfect gasket and it helps to stay the door of your refrigerator closed.

5. Check the Balance Of The Refrigerator

Balance of the refrigerator is also very important for the door to stay closed. If the feet of your refrigerator is not on a balanced surface, then there are many chances that the refrigerator door won’t stay closed. You should place your fridge on a level surface. Remove any carpet or mat under the fridge to make the surface even.

6. Check The Magnet Of The Refrigerator

If your refrigerator has a magnetized mechanism for the closing of the door, then it could also be possible that the magnets in your fridge are weak. They don’t have the power to close the refrigerator door. That’s why your refrigerator door is not sealing.

To solve this issue, you must call a home improvement store or a refrigerator repairer to re-magnetize your fridge doors so they can stay closed.

7. Replacement Of Fridge Door

If any of the above ways are not working for you, then it may be possible that you have to replace the door of your fridge. Replacing the door is the last option for you. If your fridge is too old, then it is better to change its door, or you can also buy a new fridge with all the essential things in it, which is definitely a good option for you.

How Does A Door Of Fridge Stay Shut?

If you have a refrigerator at your home, then you must know how the refrigerator door stays shut. Actually, these appliances are closed because they have to contain the cold air inside so they can save your food from spoiling.

A refrigerator uses magnets and gaskets for the closing of the door. Usually, fridges have a gasket to close the door. This gasket covers the door of the fridge from all sides from the inside and helps it stay closed. Some modern refrigerators don’t have gaskets in them, and they use magnets for the closing of doors.

Summing Up

Now you know why your fridge door won’t stay closed. And also all the ways that can help you with repairing your door and helping it stay closed. The door of your fridge must stay closed for the safety of your food. So, if you have a problem with your refrigerator doors, you can try the methods mentioned above.

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is My Refrigerator Door Magnet Weak Or Not Working?
The magnet of your refrigerator could be weak if your refrigerator is very old, and you have been using it for many years. Sometimes, magnets lose their strength even when you don’t use them. The only solution to this problem is that you have to re-magnetize your fridge door.
Do They Make A Refrigerator Door Ajar Alarm?
A refrigerator door ajar alarm is very beneficial to you, especially when you have kids at your home. These alarms have specific timing and they beep when your fridge remains open for over 3 minutes. It can notify you about your door and then you can close the door of your fridge.
Will The Above Methods To Repair The Fridge Door Work On Freezer Doors Too?
Yes, all the above remedies or ways to fix the door that won’t stay closed will definitely work on freezer doors because they also have the same mechanism as fridge ones.