Garage Conversion Ideas

garage conversion ideas

Are you looking for garage conversion ideas to implement into your new accessory dwelling unit (ADU)?

There are a variety of ideas you can implement in order to improve a garage conversion project. We are here to provide you with free information that will help you know more about converting a garage into a living space.

Garage Conversion Ideas for Layouts, Space Efficiency, and Saving Money

In this article, we will go over different types of garage conversion ideas, including money saving ideas, space efficiency ideas, and styling ideas.

Layout Ideas for Garage Conversions:

There are various types of layout ideas you can choose from for you garage conversion depending on your desires of how the ADU will mainly be used.

1. Layout With an Entrance Near the Bathroom

This can be a good place to put the entrance if you would like visitors of the backyard or main home to have easy access to the bathroom.

By placing the entrance of an ADU near the bathroom, visitors of the home can conveniently use the restroom without having to walk through the entire unit. This can be a beneficial thing for people who plan on having plenty of parties in their backyard or main home.

2. Layout With an Entrance Near the Kitchen

Placing the entrance near the kitchen of an ADU can be a great idea if you plan on using the kitchen a lot.

As a result of placing an entrance here, there will be easy access into the kitchen, and easy access out from the kitchen, without having to do much walking through the rest of the unit.

3. Layout With an Entrance Near the Main Living Space

This can be the most efficient layout idea for units that are going to be rented out. It is also good if if there are to be many visitors coming in and spending time.

As a result of placing the entrance near the main living space, the majority of people in the main living area have easy access in and out without getting in the way of others. While at the same time, the visitors can conveniently have equal amounts of access to the kitchen and bathroom.

Space Efficiency Ideas for Garage Conversions With Pitch Roofs:

If you have a pitch roof, there are two different types of additional space you can get from the ceiling. You can either have extra storage space or extra open space.

If you do not currently have a pitch roof on your garage, it is possible to have one built, although additional costs will apply.

1. Regular Ceiling for Additional Storage Space

With this type a ceiling, you can have additional storage space for your ADU.

The ceiling will be flat above the room in this case. The higher unused parts of the room will be sacrificed in this case while creating additional storage space that will be blocked off from the rest of the room. You will sacrifice the higher unused parts of the room to create the Insulation of the ceiling will be placed within the newly built flat area.

2. Vaulted Ceiling for Additional Open Space

With an open voltage ceiling for a pitch roof, you can have a larger area of space within the room as a result of the higher ceiling.

Insulation used for these types of ceilings are special sheets that are placed on top of roofs.

Money Saving Ideas for Garage Conversions:

Here are a couple of ideas that can help you can save money on a conversion project.

1. Save Money on Plumbing by Placing the Kitchen and Bathroom as Close to the Main Home as Possible!

The locations of where the kitchen and bathroom are placed in an ADU affect the cost of the job.

This is mainly for plumbing reasons. The closer an ADU’s kitchen and bathroom and placed to the main home, the less expensive it would be to complete the plumbing. It is a good idea to build the kitchen and bathroom as close as possible in order to reduce plumbing costs.

2. Do Some of the Work Yourself (Caution!)

Be extremely careful if you attempt this. Doing some of the work yourself can help you save some money by reducing costs but it is only suitable for certain people with proper knowledge.

Demolishing is the main type of work that some homeowners can do by themselves in order to reduce costs. Anyone planning on demolishing should not do so without knowing the very specific parts that need to be demolished. Demolishing any more than you need to can actually end up costing you more money.

Always consult with experienced contractors near you to make sure you are doing the right thing before you attempt to do any of the work yourself. DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS IF YOU ARE NOT 100% SURE OF WHAT YOU ARE DOING.

Get More Garage Conversion Ideas From Professionals Near You

Professionals near you can provide you with more garage conversion ideas based on your specific desires of the ADU.

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