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Looking for the best garage conversion Woodland Hills can offer? All American Builders is one of the leaders in the industry of converting garages into guesthouses or bedrooms.

Our garage converters near Woodland Hills can turn your old garage into a beautiful new room addition for your home! All American Builders has been in the industry for over 13 years. Our team of professionals will go over all the specific requirements you have for remodeling your garage into a new living space.

We are known for providing some of the best garage conversion Woodland Hills can offer, for extremely affordable prices.

Top Quality Garage Conversion in Woodland Hills, CA

Give our garage conversion garage conversion tarzana los angelesexperts near Woodland Hills a call in order discuss all your particular construction goals and ideas. Our experienced garage converters will work with you to plan and customize your entire project. In addition, we can provide you with a range of styles to choose from for your conversion! We also offer a range of complete room designs for you to choose from.

The conversion services we offer also include everything from electrical work, all plumbing requirements, and custom made kitchen cabinets.

Custom Garage Conversion in Woodland Hills

We are well known around Woodland Hills, CA, for our beautiful and quality finishes of converted garages into room additions. Our general contractors will deliver and incorporate all the features you desire in your newly converted bedroom or studio.

We can provide your beautiful new room in Woodland Hills with a kitchen, bathroom, and any other specific additions that you prefer.

Our craftsmen make sure to pay close attention to detail when we design and build your garage conversion. It is extremely important to us that your newly converted garage, is built to your exact specifications.

Our goal is the build you the garage conversion of your dreams. We will design your new room with any type of construction features you wish for.

Garage Conversion Cost in Woodland Hills

The cost factors of garage conversion in Woodland Hills can vary based on the remodeling requirements of the room.

If the new living space is going to be a guest house with a bathroom and kitchen, the cost to complete the job will be relatively higher compared to converting a garage into just a bedroom.

Although converting a garage into a room or guest house might possibly seem expensive for some homeowners at first, it can be a very good investment due to the fact that it will increase the overall price of the home.

Garage conversions can actually be profitable in various ways.

How Can a Garage Conversion be Profitable?

Garage conversions can be profitable is if a homeowner spends less on the project relative to how much they increase the selling price of the house.

For example, if a homeowner spends $25,000 on a garage conversion, but sells their home for $50,000 more, then the homeowner made $25,000 profit from doing the project.

Another way garage conversion can be profitable is if the home is being rented out, but if the homeowner increases rent price at a higher difference than what it costs to finance the garage conversion. For example, if a homeowner can finance a garage conversion for $300 a month, and increases the homes rent by $500 a month, a homeowner can make a profit of $200 a month by doing this project. This would be in addition to the value of the home going up as well.

It can be a very good investment for homeowners to upgrade their unused garages into a beautiful, modern new home addition.

 Do you need help making decisions for your project? Our experts can advise you on your construction design options while incorporating your specific ideas into the design..

adu general contractor tarzana encino Our experienced project managers will oversee and discuss the timeline of the project with you. On average, converting a garage should take a few days or weeks to complete.

Complete Garage Conversions in Woodland Hills, CA

In addition, we offer all kitchen and bathroom accessories to complete your installation, such as backsplashes, wine glass racks, granite countertops, flooring, faucets and sinks, kitchen islands, toilets, bathtubs, and lighting. We also have electricians will do the required alterations to your electrical supply system. Lighting is a crucial aspect of any room. Our lighting specialist will discuss all the options available to you in order to provide you with a well-lit room.

Call us at (844) 226-3314 for more information or to get started now!

Frequently Asked Questions About Garage Conversion in Woodland Hills

Garage conversion is referred to as the action of converting a garage into a living space such a bedroom or guesthouse.

ADU stands of Accessory Dwelling Unit. It refers to a living space that has been converted from a garage.

Yes Garage Conversion is legal, although certain requirements of the law must be met. Senate Bill 1069 provides a set of standards and regulations for converting a garage into a living space.

All conversions require a city building permit.

Your general contractor should provide you with all the details involving permits and licensing.

It is usually the architect or contractor who is building or remodeling the garage.

Garage remodeling changes and upgrades a garage while keeping it a garage.

Garage conversion refers to converting a garage into a living space such as a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, guesthouse, etc.

A garage can be converted into a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, guesthouse, poolhouse, master bedroom, and more!

The average cost of garage conversions are $25,000 to $75,000.

Yes, a garage conversion can be profitable in various ways.

If a property owner spends less money on a conversion relative to the increase in resale value caused by the conversion, the owner would make the difference in profit.

For example, if a property owners spends $30,000 on a conversion, but sells the house for an $60,000 extra resale value due to the conversion, the owner would make a profit of $30,000.

Another way that garage conversion can be profitable is if the property owner rents out the additional living space to a tenant instead of keeping it as a garage that is not bringing in a monthly income. In this case, profit may immediately begin being made if the property owner is spending less money monthly on the conversion compared to how much they are making monthly from rent. For example, if the garage conversion is financed for $500 a month, but is being rented out for $800 a month, the owner can immediately be making a profit of $300 a month.

Garage conversions usually take about two to ten weeks depending on all the labor and material required for the project.

Converting a garage into a bedroom will not take as long as converting a garage into a guesthouse because a guesthouse will require much more labor and material.

An average 2 car garage is about 400-450 sq. ft. or
An average 1 car garage is around 200-250 sq. ft. upto 1,200 Sq. Ft. is the max. 


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