Garage conversion services by All American Builders, 19327 Ventura Blvd. Suite A Tarzana, CA 91356, (844) 226-3314. Our construction company in Tarzana, Los Angeles, CA, is one of the leaders in the field of garage conversion and ADU.

Have you been dreaming about turning your garage into a sparkling new room addition in your house? If so, our garage conversion specialists are the ones to talk to. All American Builders is known for providing some of the best garage conversion Los Angeles can offer. Our construction company has provided garage conversion in Los Angeles for the past 13 years. The garage conversion team at All American Builders will work with your remodeling ideas to convert your garage into the new room addition you wish for.

Garage Conversion by All American Builders

Give our garage conversion garage conversion tarzana los angelesexperts at All American Builders a call in order discuss all your ideas. Our team will work with you to customize and plan your garage conversion project from start to finish. We also offer a range of complete room designs for you to choose from.

We will deliver a completed, fully equipped garage that is as good as new. Our garage remodeling services include everything from electrical work, all plumbing requirements, and custom made kitchen cabinets.

Best Garage Conversion Services

We are renowned in Los Angeles, CA for our design and quality finishes of converted garages into room additions. Our designers will work with your ideas to deliver and incorporate all the features you desire in your newly converted bedroom or studio. Your sparkling redesigned room can include a bathroom, kitchen, and any other additions you would like.

Our attention to detail when we design your garage conversion ensures that your new room is built to your exact specifications. Our conversions are features in any home due to the finer details that we pay attention to. All your ideas and suggestions will be addressed when you consult with our professional garage conversion designers. Together we will design the new room in your home that you have been dreaming of!

Our garage conversion will turn your garage into a feature in your house where you will want to spend time in. We will design your new room with any type of construction features you wish for.

All American Builders provides a complete professional service. We are proud of our top class reputation and satisfied customers. We employ only the best qualified and experienced craftsmen. Our reputation is enhanced by our experts that construct our garage conversions with top quality finishes. You will find our company one of the best in Los Angeles.

Garage Conversion Cost

In many cases, a garage can be one of the least utilized places in a home. It can be a very good investment for homeowners to upgrade their unused garages into a beautiful, modern new home addition.

Our company All American Builders is a leading garage ADU conversion and renovation company in Los Angeles, CA. A team of our garage conversion experts can advise you on your construction design options while incorporating your specific ideas into the design.

The friendly consultants at All American Builders are ready to take your call and schedule a thorough assessment of your garage conversion needs and wants. With 13 years’ experience in converting garages and room additions, our experts will deliver a design unique to your needs. We can design any type of garage into a new room addition according to your ideas. Additionally, our experts we will provide you with a range of choices for materials and finishes to use in your garage conversion project. They will discuss all the materials and accessories from countertops to door handles, amongst with you. All American Builders has established itself as an industry leader in the highest quality garage conversion in Los Angeles for the most affordable prices.

adu general contractor tarzana encinoOur expert craftsmen will take great care in converting your garage. into the room addition of your dreams. Our experienced project managers will oversee and discuss the timeline of the project with you. Your garage renovation project should take a few days or weeks to complete. New room additions will be built exactly to your design.

In addition, we offer all kitchen and bathroom accessories to complete your installation, such as backsplashes, wine glass racks, granite countertops, flooring, faucets and sinks, kitchen islands, toilets, bathtubs, and lighting. Our electricians will also do the required alterations to your electrical supply system. Lighting is a crucial aspect of any room. Our lighting specialist will discuss all the options available to you for a well-lit but a comfortable new room.

When it comes to garage conversion services in Tarzana, Los Angeles, California, our construction company is the most reliable, efficient and affordable option for you. Call us at (844) 226-3314 if you need information about the renovation, remodeling, and construction at your home. Our friendly consultants will assist you each step of the way to your dream home renovation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Garage conversion is the action of repurposing a garage to be used for another purpose than it’s intentional use. ADU stands for accessory dwelling unit. Garage conversions are a great way to add an additional 200-400 sq ft to your home at a lower price than building a home addition would be. Garage conversions can add space without compromising the existing design of your home.

As with anything else, it’s important to consult with your local government agencies such as city planning and read up on current local laws, but generally speaking, the answer is yes. It is legal. Converting your garage into a rental unit can be done the legal way- it just takes the proper permits when converting; all of which we here at Garage Conversions LA will take care of for you. All of our conversion projects are completely legal.

The issue that many homeowners run into regarding the legality directly relates to membership in a homeowners associations. In many cases, a homeowners association calculated the number of parking spaces by the number of spaces available in a garage, therefore converting the space can cause conflict- but every homeowner’s association is different. We will be honest with you about your project and can save you a ton of time in regards to authenticating its legality. Simply put it its illegal, we won’t do it. If you run into a company that offers to convert your garage without following the proper legal path, we recommend reporting them to local regulatory agencies. Illegal garage conversions can cost homeowners thousands of dollars in fines plus the cost to revert the garage to its original purpose.

All conversions require a city building permit.

Generally speaking, your contractor should be responsible for walking you through this process, as every city has its own process and paperwork.

It is usually the architect or contractor who is building or remodeling the garage.

The difference between garage conversion and garage remodeling is in a conversion, the garage is repurposed to be used for something other than its original intention. For example, converting a garage to a bedroom, or an apartment. Additionally, garage conversions entail a higher cost, and include a lot of work that a garage remodel doesn’t require, such as adding air conditioning, building walls, replacing garage door, electrical work, plumbing etc.

A Garage remodel is when you add additional structure to enhance the storage capabilities, organization, or overall look and feel of your garage. Some examples of garage remodeling would be adding floor-to-ceiling cabinets, adding overhead storage, changing the color, adding work benches or adding a mudroom to an existing garage.

Realistically a garage can be converted into any type of space you can fit into a 200-400 sq ft. The most common types of conversions include:

– Home Office
– Large Master Suite
– Home Theatre
– Game Room
– Small One Bedroom Unit
– Studio Room & Small Bathroom
– Photography Studios
– Playroom for Children

Depending on your conversion type, garage conversions are involved with all construction trades from planning and foundation to framing, plumbing, electricity, and roofing, all of those make a huge difference in the construction costs but in general if you are doing it legally and professionally, a garage conversion costs starts at $30,000 and up to $80,000 to the more complicated ones.

Converting a garage correctly will add square footage to your home, on an average, one square foot for the average house in Los Angeles worth $250-$350 making 400 SF of garage conversion worth $120,000 while the cost of converting a garage will probably be 70%-80% less! So ask yourself if earning more than 50% on your investment is worth it? It sure is! Converting a garage to living space is one of the most cost-effective ways to add space to your home and for sure add extra value too. Garage conversion cost will rise in conjunction with the house price so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

After you have received the proper building permits and selected a contractor and designed the conversion, the actual construction work takes on average between 2 and 4 months. The time it takes can vary depending on the size and complexity of the project, as well as the availability of materials and weather.

Converting a garage is not for everyone. Different homeowners have different wants and needs from their living space, and in some cases, a garage remodel is the perfect solution. Converting your garage has a lot of benefits, including:

– Adding square footage
– Costs less than a home addition
– Can be used to generate income is used as an apartment
– Can provide a productive space to work for people who run businesses from their home
– Great for hobbyists since a garage can be converted into music studios, painting studios, photography studios, and many more.
– Provide a safe place for children to play
– Can provide additional space for a child’s room for growing families
– The decision to convert a garage is very relative to each person. Many people gain a lot of joy out of their garage conversions, for many different reasons.

An average 2 car garage is about 400-450 sq. ft. or
An average 1 car garage is around 200-250 sq. ft. upto 1,200 Sq. Ft. is the max. 


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