Home Improvement Stores That Cut Wood – Free Or Paid

Wood is the most common and favorite material for the making of homes. People used to make floors, roofs, and cupboards of wood in their homes to make them beautiful. If you are one of those people who has a good aesthetic sense and want woodwork in your home, then you must know the Home Improvement stores that cut wood – Free or Paid.

Cutting wood is a very tedious task, you should definitely need help from anyone, so it is best to hire professionals for your work. Home improvement stores not only cut wood professionally, but they also give many other benefits to you.

  • Can protect you from loss because of their professional skills.
  • Can help you achieve your dream house because of their experience.
  • Saves your time by their fast services.
  • Prevent you from doing a tiring task.
  • Can give you advice for better results.

Places That Will Cut Wood For You

There are several home improvement stores that can cut wood for you. Although all of them are not highly reliable if you are searching for a store that gives you highly professional services, then you must go for

  • HOME depot
  • Lowes
  • Menard

1. HOME Depot

home depot cut wood store

If you are searching for a home improvement store in the United States, then you can never find one better than HOME depot. Home Depot is not only giving you wood cutting services, but it also provides you with all the tools that you may need for the renovation of your house. It also has a wide range of construction products which you can buy according to your needs.

If you have a question in your mind that does home depot cut wood for free, can you get a woodcut at home depot? then the answer is YES. If you buy wood for your home from this store, then there is a specific area for the cutting of wood, where you can get your woodcut in the required shape and size free of cost.

The crew of the Home Depot is highly professional, and they can give you work as you want. The services of woodcutting from this store vary from place to place and you can even get more benefits in your specific area.

Policies Of Home Depot

Home Depot’s wood cutting policy is very comfortable for its customers. You can get up to 12 cuts free of cost and then after this store starts charging you in just pennies. This policy is applicable only when you buy wood from their store. They will cut your wood in your required shape and size.

After 12 cuts, the charges of the store are almost negligible, which is 25 cents. Rates can vary according to the design, type, and size of wood. You can also get discounts on different services if you buy material for the renovation of your home from Home Depot.

If you want a combination of glass and wood in your home, then you know that Home Depot never cut glass for you. You can consult a glass cutting specialist for this purpose.

2. Lowes

Lowes cut wood store

Lowes is one of the finest Home improvement stores. You can get any type of service from this store related to your home renovation. They are providing one of the best wood cutting services in America. They are supplying all the tools that you may need during the cutting of wood.

If you want to improve your home, then this store is highly helpful for you because it has all the accessories and things that one can need during the renovation process. They are providing one of the world’s best home improvement services at very reasonable rates. They also provide you with free delivery of all your wood and other material.

If you have ordered something online from their app, then you can pick your delivery from your local Lowes store. The professionalism in the behavior of their workers shows you the quality of their services. They work with high care at your home and prevent you and your family from any loss.

Policies Of Lowes

As far as the free services are concerned, Lowes provides up to 6 cuts fully free. If you need some additional cut in your lumber, then you have to pay per cut. It does not cost much, but you can say it is a little more expensive than Home Depot. But free services are only for those who buy wood from Lowes.

Lowes sometimes give you the facility to cut your wood into shape, but it depends upon the current policies. If it is a busy day, then you will not be entertained by this policy, otherwise, you can get it. Lowes does not mention the actual cost per cut, it depends on the required shape and size of the wood.

One of the Lowes policies also stated that Lowes can only cut certain wood for you free of costs, such as plywood, panels, and boards.

3. Menard

menards cut wood store

Menard has been working since 1960 in the United States of America as one of the best home improvement stores. It has over 45 thousand employees and is considered a professional company. If you are looking to get the services of Menard for cutting the wood for you, then you have taken the right decision.

Menard has experts for the cutting of wood and can give you every design and size which you want. Menard is in the top 3 home improvement stores and has the lowest rate. If you want to buy lumber and you have a low budget, then you should go to Menard for high-quality wood at cheap rates.

Menard is also providing you with excellent building material and all the tools that you need during the construction work. These high-quality instruments of Menard help you save time and also lower the risk of any damage during wood cutting.

Policies Of Menard

Menards have different policies for different stores. It varies from place to place. Some of the Menard stores do not even charge a penny at all. Some charge $1 to $2 per cut. If you have a compact car and you can’t bring large size wood to your home, then Menard will cut it into a workable size so you can place the wood in your car.

Some stores of Menard also provide the first five cuts free of cost, then start charging a fee. The thickness of the wood must be 10 inches or lower if you want it to be cut from Menard. If you have wood with a thickness above 10 inches, don’t worry as some of their stores can serve you, but not all.

Keep in mind that Menard does not cut plywood because you can easily find plywood in every size from any store. The wood that Menard cuts include lumber, cedarwood, pine boards, plastic lumber, and treated woods.

How Much Should You Pay For The Wood Cutting Services?

The price of wood cutting services varies from store to store. Even stores of the same company could have different prices.

The per cut-rate ranges from 25 cents to 3 dollars. It totally depends on the type of your wood. If your wood is difficult to cut and is thicker, then you definitely have to pay more than the wood, which is only 2 to 3 inches thick.


Now you are well aware of the advantages of hiring a home improvement store. You can call any of the three Home Depot, Lowes, and Menard for the cutting of your wood. The quality of their services is really appreciated. Best of luck with the woodwork at your home.