Home Improvement Stores That Cut Wood – Free Or Paid

Wood has always been one of the most commonly used materials for home decors and constructions. From floorings to storage options, it offers the vastest usage spectrum and is simply unbeatable when it comes to beautifying, as well. However, with the choice of wood comes certain concerns such as where to get it and how to deal with it (mostly cutting) the right way.

When it comes to cutting wood, there’s a dire need for expert assistance, since the task is majorly critical and comes with a potential likelihood of misconduct in case of DIY attempts.  Nevertheless, the good news at this point is the fact that one can easily get professional help, i.e. wood cutting from a number of renowned sources. These are generally home improvement stores that provide wood cutting services both paid and free.

Am Buildersla has got you some really beneficial info in this regard with which you can easily decide on the provider for getting these services. However, before proceeding to those recommendations, here are a couple of benefits for you that depict the significance of hiring professional services for wood cutting.

  • Professional services are always the most error-free, so that can easily guarantee you a no-loss deal
  • The skill set can help you maximally in achieving all of your dream decor goals.
  • Hiring professionals does save a considerable amount of time, as DIY attempts often turn out to be excessively time-consuming
  • Professional wood cutting is, of course, most effortless and you don’t have to trouble yourself in any way. 
  • When you consult professionals, they provide you with a whole lot of handy and useful advice, considering the condition of your place and what will be the choice to settle for.

Places That Will Cut Wood For You

There are several home improvement stores that can cut wood for you and you can go for the one which best suits your budget and requirements. These are the most popular ones

  • Home Depot
  • Lowes
  • Menard

1. Home Depot

home depot cut wood store

If you are in search of a home improvement store in the United States, then you can never find any choice better than Home Depot. Home Depot not only provides you with quality wood cutting services, but you can also get all the tools and respective stuff required for a home renovation. You can choose any product according to your requirements from their wide range of construction products.

And as for the concern of “Does Home Depot cut wood for free, or can you get a woodcut at home depot?” then the answer is YES. If you buy wood for your home from this store, you can have it cut in your desired shapes and sizes from the specified area meant for this job, completely free of cost.

The crew of the Home Depot is extremely adept, and they can proficiently provide you with all of your required skill sets. The services of woodcutting from this store vary from place to place and if you’re lucky enough to reside nearby one, then you can also get various privileges regarding the services.

Policies Of Home Depot

Home Depot’s wood cutting policy is very comfortable for its customers. You can get up to 12 cuts free of cost and afterwards the store starts charging you in just pennies. However, this policy is applicable only when you buy wood from their store. They will cut your purchased wood in all the shapes and sizes that you require.

After 12 cuts, the charges of the store are almost negligible, which is 25 cents. Rates can vary according to the design, type, and size of wood. Besides, you can also get discounts on different services if you buy materials for the renovation of your home from Home Depot.

However, if you’re up for a home improvement project that involves glass along with wood, essentially some decorative or functional work featuring a combination of the two, then a downside at this point is that Home Depot does not offer glass cutting services. And if that’s the case with you, then you’ll need to look for a glass cutting specialist to get the job done.

2. Lowes

Lowes cut wood store

Lowes is one of the best and most renowned USA-based Home Improvement Stores that provide most excellent wood cutting services, all across America. And you can get all sorts of home renovation and respective services from here.

So if you’re planning on a home improvement project, then this store could be extremely helpful for you as you can get all the required accessories and tools from here. These home improvement services are simply the best ones in the world and you can get them at the most affordable prices. Moreover, they also provide you with free delivery of wood and other materials. 

Also, if you have ordered something online from their application, then you can pick up your delivery from your local Lowes store. Their services comprise the highest levels of professionalism and quality and they’ll conduct each and every one of your desired residential services with the utmost care, thus efficiently preventing any loss.

Policies Of Lowes

As far as the free services are concerned, Lowes provides up to 6 cuts fully free. If you need some additional cuts in your lumber, then you’ll have to pay per cut. It does not cost much, but you can say it is a little more expensive than Home Depot. But free services are only for those who buy wood from Lowes.

Lowes sometimes gives you the facility to cut your wood into shape, but it depends upon the current policies. If it’s a busy day, then you will not be entertained by this policy, however otherwise, you can avail yourself of it. Lowes does not mention the actual cost per cut, it depends on the required shape and size of the wood.

One of the Lowes policies also states that Lowes can only cut certain wood for you free of costs, such as plywood, panels, and boards.

3. Menard

menards cut wood store

Menard has been working since 1960 in the United States of America as one of the best home improvement stores. It has over 45 thousand employees and is considered a top-tier company. And getting wood cutting services from Menard means you’ll acquire the maximum extent of perfection.

Menard, as a matter of fact, is one of the top 3 home improvement stores and has the lowest pricing of all. Their experts offer you wood cutting services for all your desired designs and shapes. Besides, if you want to buy high-quality lumber on a budget, then you can easily obtain it from Menard at significantly cheaper rates.

This home improvement store also provides you with fine-quality building materials and all the tools that you could require during any construction work. These high-quality instruments by Menard help you save time, achieve better results and also lower the risk of any damage during the process of wood cutting.

Policies Of Menard

Menards have different policies for different stores, varying from place to place. Some of the Menard stores do not even charge a penny at all. Some charge $1 to $2 per cut. Besides, if you have a small vehicle and you can’t manage to take large-sized wood to your home, then Menard will cut it into a workable size so you can easily take it with you.

Some stores of Menard also provide the first five cuts free of cost and then start charging a fee. However, the thickness of the wood must be 10 inches or less if you want it to be cut from Menard (or else you’ll need to look for other options). Also, keep in mind that Menard does not cut plywood because plywood is easily available in any size from nearly all stores. The wood types that Menard offers cutting services for, include lumber, cedarwood, pine boards, plastic lumber, and treated woods.

How Much Should You Pay For The Wood Cutting Services?

The price of wood cutting services, in the first place, majorly depends on the type of wood you have and its thickness. It varies depending on the stores and even the stores of the same company can have different ranges. 

In general, the per-cut cost ranges from 25 cents to 3 dollars and it can fluctuate according to the type and thickness. 

In The End

This was all the essential info you can use while planning on a residential renovation, particularly a home improvement project which involves woodwork. Our reviews include all the facts and figures about the top-tier wood cutting service providers, which are legit industry leaders in the very dimension of home improvement and decor. In addition to the basic info, we’ve also added all of the crucial policies that you need to know, prior to hiring the services. This way, you can easily have a comparison amongst all options, considering your requirements and can then settle for the most suitable and budget-friendly choice for your place(s). 

Hoping for all of your upcoming home improvements to be the best experiences for you!