How Are Kitchen Layouts Determined?

how are kitchen layouts determined? With the kitchen work triangle.

How are kitchen layouts determined?

Is a kitchens layout determined just based on a property owners desires of styling and size? Or is there more to determining the layout of a kitchen.

Kitchen Layouts Are Determined by Using the “Kitchen Work Triangle”

The Kitchen Work Triangle is used to determine layouts of kitchens. A kitchen’s “work triangle” is based on the three most used parts of a kitchen. The three most used parts are the refrigerator, sink, and stove.

Kitchen layouts are determined my aiming to maximize efficiency of usability within a given amount of available space. Therefore, creating an open area of space in between the three most used parts of a kitchen is beneficial. This allows a user to efficiently access the refrigerator, sink, and stove.

Kitchen work triangles are used in the situations of building new kitchen additions and also kitchen remodel projects.

Do You Need Help Determining the Layout of a New Kitchen?

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