How Can Windows Be Energy Efficient?

Windows Be Energy Efficient

How can windows be energy efficient? Energy efficient windows might sound confusing to some people when they first hear it.

Sometimes, people might get the wrong idea when they think of windows being “energy efficient.” The first thing that might come to mind is “how can windows be energy efficient?” Then one might start to wonder if the windows are digitally controlled, with electricity involved. But this is not really the case when we refer to energy efficient windows.

According to an article on, 25%–30% of a homes cooling and heating energy is consumed by heat loss and heat gain through windows. Energy efficient windows provide increased insulation for a home. As a result, the heat loss and heat gain of a home is reduced. Therefore, lower amounts of energy will be required in order to cool down or heat up the house.

Energy Loss in Homes with Non Efficient Windows

For example, let’s imagine a situation during the summer where an air conditioner must be turned on in order to cool off a home. A home without energy efficient windows would need to use more electricity on the air conditioning system. This is because windows that are not energy efficient will not provide good insulation. Therefore, relatively high amounts of heat will constantly be entering the home through windows.

Energy consumed by the air conditioner will be directly proportional to how hard it needs to work in order to cool the house down. The a/c will need to work harder as a result of heat constantly being let in through windows.

Let’s consider a scenario with this same home in the winter. This same home will also be spending more money on heating during winter. This is due to the fact that the non energy efficient windows will be allowing relatively high amounts of heat to be released from the home. As a result of high amounts of heat being released released during a cold winter, the heater will need to work harder in order to heat up the home. Therefore the heater will have to work harder and use up more electricity or gas relative to if the homes windows were energy efficient.


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