How Much Does it Cost to Convert a Garage Into a Living Space?

Average Cost of Converting a Garage Into a Living Space

How much does it cost to convert a garage into a living space? The average cost of garage conversion usually adds up to $15,000 to $50,000. All conversions have different costs based on the details and scale of each project.

Some Cost Factors of Garage Conversions

Some cost factors include the size of the living space, amount of rooms, materials used, and more. In basic terms, the total amount of labor and material required in order to complete the accessory dwelling unit will determine its final cost.

Some conversion projects could cost much more or less than others depending on their complexities. Jobs with complex designs and expensive materials will surely have a much higher cost compared to jobs with simple designs and less expensive materials.

Property owners have plenty of flexibility when it comes down to the cost of garage conversions. Decisions can be made based on budget availability.

Another cost factor is location. Different cities and states will have different amount of costs involved based on supply and demand. Surprisingly, although many things in California are expensive, the cost of converting garage conversion in Angeles County is relatively low.

Professionals near you can provide you with a precise cost by going over the details of your project with you.

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