How To Construct A Second Story Deck of Home
How To Construct A Second Story Deck of Home

How To Build A Second Story Deck of Your House?

Looking for an excellent home improvement idea? Then no idea is more entertaining than building a second-story deck. If you love nature and want to sit in its company with your family and friends, then an elevated deck is the best choice for you. It gives you the opportunity to spend your free time in a beautiful place outside your home.

An elevated deck can be the best place for gathering your friends. As it is completely outdoor so these gatherings don’t disturb the privacy of your home. You can spend your family time here with your children and can enjoy a better outdoor setting area. It can also enhance the looks of your house and your place looks totally different with an elevated deck.

You can decide the size and shape of your 2nd-floor deck designs so you can have your dream deck at your own house. Constructing a deck is not an easy task, but if you want to do it, then you can easily build the deck. If you want to know how to build a second story deck? Then continue reading this blog and you will know all things that you want to know.

Step By Step Guide To Built An Second Story Elevated Deck

Now If you want to build your own elevated deck on the outdoor free space at your home, then you just need to follow some steps and then you can have a beautiful 2nd story deck with all the desired qualities that you want.

1. Select A Design & Estimate the Budget

Selecting a design for your deck is one of the foremost steps. Visit Pinterest and other sites to look at the pictures of decks. You must choose a design that can easily fit in your place. There are some online apps that you can use to select a deck design according to your place.

After selecting a design, you have to estimate the budget. If you are constructing your deck on your own, then you can save your labor. You still have to buy a lot of material for the building process. Wooden decks are very common these days, so if you are making wooden decks, then you must buy a lot of timber.

You should have to find a good home improvement store from where you can get all your desired things under one roof. Must select a store that has reasonable rates, so all your work will be completed within a specific budget.

2. Get A Permit and Start Gathering Material

If you are living in such a city or downtown where you have to apply for a permit for the construction purpose, then get through the process. Submit your blueprint for the deck and get building permission for your deck. Once you get the permission, now it’s time to collect the construction material.

When you visit a home improvement store, you can consult any expert there and let them know all the things, tools, and materials that you need for the building of the 2nd story deck at your place.

3. Start Building Your Deck

When you have gathered all the things that you need during the construction of your deck, start building a beautiful deck for your place. First, start 2nd story deck framing. The frame is the base of the building so you must build a sturdy frame for your deck.

Installing a Ledger Board is the most important thing. If you fix the ledger board properly and safely, then your deck will be safe, otherwise, it can’t last long. For this purpose, fix a large piece of lumber (according to the length of your deck) in the wall of your house with the help of bolts.

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4. Installation Of Posts

After the ledger board, now it’s time for the installation of posts on your deck. For this step, you have to dig the footings. There are mostly four footings on the deck. Measure properly and then dig the footings. When you are done with it, now place the posts exactly vertical.

When you twice check the direction of the posts, now put concrete in the holes, having posts to set them perfectly and strongly in the ground. (Mix the concrete with the mixture of cement). After this step, let the concrete set for approximately 2 days.

5. Set The Joist On The Posts

When the posts are completely set, then now you have to install a joist on your deck. It is a very important part because the balance of your deck depends on it. For this process, you have to join the joist at the ledger with the help of lumber. You can have any size of lumber you want to attach to the joist.

The joining of the joist with the ledger is a very important task, so you must perform it keenly. When the joist is fixed, now you have to cut the wood pieces and arrange them between the empty spaces in the joist so the base of your deck can be stronger.

6. Now Place The Decking Over The Joist

Now the frame of your deck is almost ready, so it is the perfect time to install decking (floor of your deck). Now take the wooden decking boards and install them perpendicularly from the middle of the ledger. Start fixing the deck boards with the help of the drill machine and bolts. Make sure that each board is fixed completely.

7. Prepare The Stairs Of Your Deck

Now you have to prepare the stairs for your deck. You can buy made-to-measure stairs from any home improvement store according to your place. If you want to build the stairs on your own for your deck, then you can watch deck stairs manufacturing videos on YouTube.

8. Install the Railing of your Deck and Stairs

In the end, when everything is almost completed, now you have to install the railing of your deck and stairs. It is the most important part because, without it, your deck could be very dangerous. Stairs Railing is necessary for your children when they are playing on deck.

After this, your beautiful and adorable deck is ready to sit on and enjoy the scenery of the forest near your house.

9. Cost To Build A Second-Story Deck

Making a 2nd story deck is not so easy because you have to arrange a lot of money for this. The cost of building a second-story deck depends on several factors, such as the size of the deck, the material used, labor cost, and many others.

An average size deck’s cost is about 4000 to 5000 dollars. This price varies as the size of the deck increases or decreases.

Summing Up

A Second-Story Elevated Deck looks very beautiful in your house and also increases the value of your house. This is one of the best ways for home improvements. You can now sit outdoors, have a cup of coffee with your family and enjoy the weather on your deck.