Get Rid Of Mice In The Ceiling

How To Get Rid Of Mice In The Ceiling?

Mice are little creatures, but you may know about the destruction they can create in your house when they come to your house as an unwanted guest. Mice can make their space in the ceiling, walls, and light points. This little creature is not only damaging but can also cause over 30 diseases and some of them are also fatal.

Mice in the ceiling are not only harmful but also annoying. You have to bear their sounds and also the sounds of the things that they make when they get into them. If you think you can ignore them, you are taking them lightly. They can disturb your happy and normal life as much as they can, so you must get rid of them.

If you want to know more about how to get rid of mice in the ceiling without access, then you have to continue reading this blog.

How Would You Know You Have Mice in the Ceiling Of Your House?

There are many signs that mice are giving to you on their own so you can identify them and then make remedies to clean your house with them.

  • First, you can hear strange sounds from the ceiling of your house, especially at night time.
  • If you have any hole or corner in the ceiling which might cause mice to enter the ceiling, then it is an alarming situation for you.
  • You can also feel an unknown odor in your house, which can also be a sign that there are mice in your house.
  • There are also the chances that you can see a mouse entering the ceiling of your house or roaming about in your kitchen area.

These signs are very common when you are identifying mice in your living place, but there are some other signs which you can notice from your house such as birds at your home can also give you signs.

Steps To Get Rid Of Mice In Ceiling

If you came to know that your house has another family other than yours, then it’s time to get some remedies to get rid of the mice family from your house. It is not only good for the health of your family but also for your house. Here are some steps that you can take to clean your house from the danger of mice.

1. Using a Mouse Trap

Using a mousetrap is the most common and traditional method to eliminate mice from your house. It is one of the easiest ways to catch mice and then throw them away from your house, such as in a forest.

You just need to set a mousetrap with a slice of cheese or bread in it so the mouse can smell it and get trapped in the mousetrap. You can use this method to remove the mice from your house, but this method is not effective for a large mice family. By this method, you can only catch 2 to 3 mice.

Using a Mouse Trap

2. Ultrasonic Repeller

The modern technique that is more effective than a mousetrap is the ultrasonic rodent repeller. You have to just install the re peller in different point in your house. This repeller throws the low-frequency sound wave. Only mice can hear them.

These sound waves are very annoying for the mice and in a day or two they are going to search for a more comfortable place than your house. This method is very effective, especially when you have to remove a mice family from your house. It consumes less energy than a mousetrap.

Ultrasonic Repeller

3. Plank Bucket Trap

A plank bucket trap is a modern version of a mousetrap. It comes with the ability to catch multiple mice at a time without involving the installer to reset it. Place honey or any other sweetener on the lid of the bucket mouse will come and then fall into the bucket and the lid again gets closed. So in this way, it can catch more mice than a mousetrap

Plank Bucket Trap for mice

4. Use Of Essential Oils

Using essential oils can also help you remove the mouse from your house. This is not really effective, but this method is still used and it works in some situations. This is a very simple method as you just need to throw some essential oils in the house of the mice such as ceiling and wall holes.

This essential oil has natural chemicals that can help you get rid of unwanted creatures at your house. These oils are not good for children, so keep them away from their access. Now you may know what method is effective for you that ensures you about How to get rid of mice in walls and ceilings? You can use any of them and get benefits.

Use Of Essential Oils

Prevention Tips That Will Save Your House From Mice

If you don’t have mice in your house but you are afraid that they can come to your house because your neighbors are suffering from them, then you should take some prevention measures to save yourself. Here are some tips that can protect your house from this little but disastrous creature.

  • The first thing that you can do is to clear all the open food and water from your house.
  • Fill all the holes in the ceiling and walls of your house. You also need to trip the trees, herbs, and shrubs around your house to keep them away.
  • You can keep mice bait outside your house so they can’t enter your house. Keep the bait in such a place where children and pets can’t reach it.

Sum Up

Summing up all this discussion, we can say that mice are very harmful to your house and family. So you should take precautions to avoid them. If they enter your house, then you can use any of the steps mentioned above to eliminate them. But in case you can’t do so, then you need to concern yourself with the professionals.


  • 1. How Are Mice Getting On My Ceiling?

    Mice need tiny space to enter your house. They usually enter your house from the gutters. They can also get into your house from the water or any pipe opening. Mice living in the roots of the trees on your lawn can also easily get access to your home and set their house in the ceiling or walls of the home.

  • 2. Can Mice Eat And Chew Through The Ceiling?

    The teeth of the mice are very sharp and they use them to build their nest even in the ceiling of your house. Once they built their house, they easily find ways to excess to the food. They can get into pipes and travel through them and then enter any part of your house. They can easily arrange their livings.

  • 3. Can Mice Fall Through The Ceiling?

    Mice and rodents on the ceiling are very happy because we can’t disturb them there. We rarely use our ceiling, so they comfortably live there. But as far as the falling of mice is concerned, then the Answer is YES. they can definitely fall from the ceiling, especially when you are disturbing them. Then in a hustle, they can slip.

  • 4. What Happens If Mice Die In The Ceiling?

    If the mice died in the house’s ceiling, it would be very annoying for the people living in that house. Because the odor from the body of the mouse makes it difficult for you to stay in the house. This odor will last for about 10 to 12 days. The best way to get rid of the smell is to find the body and then dispose of it.