Light Up Headboards With LED Strip Lights
Light Up Headboards With LED Strip Lights

How To Light Up Headboards With LED Strip Lights? Step By Step Guide.

Bedroom, of course, is a space of undeniable significance and the very spot where we get to spend most of the quality time of ours. Bedding and its decor, in particular, have a lot to do with our mental peace as a comfort provision is all we look forward to, post a tiring or a bad day. So it goes without saying that bedroom decor has to be greatly comforting as well as visually pleasing.

All of the bedroom decor comes down to the bedding look and how entrancing it is. Speaking of the adornment, decorating bed headboards with LED lights and essentially strips has been super trendy lately. And of course, that mesmerizing look of a gleaming headboard can’t possibly be resisted.

So if you’ve also been obsessed with this bedding decor idea, AM Builders has got just the right and detailed guide for you. 

Everything You’ll Need While Decorating Your Headboard With LED Lights

Unlike you might think, decorating your bed headboard with LED strip lights is a super easy project and most importantly it is really budget-friendly too. All you need to do is spend on a couple of things, and you can easily nail the rest, as well, without needing any assistance. So let’s take a look at all the stuff that you need to get:

  • Low voltage LED strip lights
  • Safety Switches
  • Glue
  • Transparent Tape
  • Mop

Step By Step Guide To Decorate Your Headboard With LED Strip Lights

Let’s get down to the simple yet fascinating procedure, which will instantly glam up your bedding look, making it most inviting and adorable for you.

1. Choosing The Color And Right Spot For LED Lights

Choosing the color as well as the fixing spot of the LED lights, is of course, the first step to this bedroom decor idea. While you can go with any color of your choice, a good idea here is to stick to warm and neutral colors. That’s because such colors don’t seem a burden on the nerves, appear comforting and also go well with all sorts of decor themes. 

Once you’ve decided on the color of your LED lights, next up comes selecting the right spot for their fitting. This one too is a matter of personal choice completely, however, some of the best recommendations are to put the lights atop the headboard, back of the headboard and even on the wall above the headboard.

Choose The Color And Spot For LED Lights

2. Cleaning The Fitting Point Of The LED Lights

No matter where you’re going to install the LED lights, that very spot needs to be adequately cleaned first. You’ll need to clean both the headboard and the adjacent wall thoroughly of all the dust so that there is no mess later. Besides, a well-decluttered space will also amplify all the beauty of the LED headboard decor.

Clean The Place Where To Install The LED Lights

3. Installing LED Lights On The Headboard

Next up, comes the major part of our project, which is the fitting of the LED strip lights on the headboard. At this point, you will need to come up with a pattern, following which you will install your LED lights. Heart, fish or flower are some of the mainstream ideas which you can consider while mapping out the fitting pattern of your lights. 

And if you don’t want something excessively done, then you can simply stick to putting lights in a uniform row or at the corners of the headboard. 

Start by making your desired pattern with the help of a lead pencil. Afterwards, you’ll need to make use of the glue and the transparent tape for joining the LED strip lights on the headboard (or the wall). Once done, take a keen look at the whole thing to check if there are any loose corners or spots that need to be firmly attached. 

Install LED Lights On The Headboard

4. Joining The LED Strip Lights With The Safety Switches

Now you have to join the lights with the safety switches. Some LED lights already come with safety switches so if yours also have built-in safety switches, then you can skip this step. However, you need to be extremely careful while joining the LED light wires with the switches. 

Now you can simply turn on the lights to enjoy the view of your room, which of course, will be way more adorable than the one with your previous boring headboard.

Join The LED Strip Lights With The Safety Switches

Some Perks Of Installing LED Lights On Your Headboards

LED Lights, fair enough, are a great way to enhance the decor of your bedroom and you’ll be surprised to know that besides being an amazing decorative idea, it’s got various functional benefits to it, as well.

Here’s how:

  • Adding LED lights to your bedding is a great way to make the whole scenario become really soothing for you. And this works as a greatly mind-boosting factor, casting positive impacts over both your mind and body. 
  • If you don’t like excessive illumination, then LED lights will be the perfect option for you to achieve all desired atmosphere.  
  • This kind of addition majorly calms the nerves and can help you significantly improve your sleep quality.
  • LED lights are a way better option than any other source of artificial lighting, since they are super cheap and cost-effective.
  • Even if your bedroom decor is really minimalist, adding such a timeless beautification will greatly enhance it’s overall aesthetics and give a well cohesive look to everything around.

To Conclude

This was our take on a really simple, basic yet suave decorative addition that you can easily make to your bedrooms without having to do a lot. LED lights have been a staple in all style statements lately and from interiors to exteriors they feature the most extensive usage spectrum. So why not choose such a bewitching beauty for your dearest comfort zone? All you need to do is gather a few simple supplies and spare some of the time of yours and you can totally come up with seriously pleasing outcomes!

Hoping for everything to go real favorably for you!