How To Remove Carpet Glue From Concrete Floor
How To Remove Carpet Glue From Concrete Floor

How To Remove Carpet Glue From Concrete Floors? 6 Easy Steps

Carpets are the most popular floor decoration that everyone has in their homes and offices. Carpets can change the overall look of your place and are comfortable for both humans and animals. No doubt, carpets are the best solution for floors, but when they tear, they create intense trouble for you.

If your carpet condition is so bad that you need to remove it, then this blog is going to be very interesting for you. In this blog, I am going to explain how you can separate carpet glue from concrete floors.

Separating glue from the floors can be an arduous task because of the intense adhesive material used in glue to keep the carpet in its place. If you are looking for some simple and easy steps to remove the glue, then here they are:

Steps to Follow While Removing Glue From Concrete Floors

1. Use of Scraper to Remove the Glue

One of the most common ways to remove carpet glue is through the use of mechanical methods. In mechanical methods, the use of scrapers is very common. If you don’t have a scraper at home, you can also use a sharp razor for this task. Scratch the glue off the floor forcefully so you can remove all the glue.

Many times, you just need to perform this step and all the glue can be removed, and you don’t need to perform other steps. One thing that you need to remember while scraping is to remove the debris when you clean the glue, so the floor is visible to you and you can easily identify where you need to work harder to remove glue from the concrete floor.

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2. Use of Boiling Water

After scraping the glue off, if you observe no significant changes, it’s time to spread hot boiling water on the floor so you can easily remove the glue. After spreading hot water on the floor thoroughly, wait for about 15 minutes, and then scrub the floor.

This method will remove most of the glue and is one of the simplest methods, but it can be dangerous, so you should carefully drop the boiling water on the floor to avoid splashes of water. This method is free of cost and you can almost perform it without using force, as in the scraping method.

3. Use of Glue Remover

If the previous method of boiling water didn’t work for your floor, then it’s time to use glue remover. You can buy a high-quality glue remover from the market, or you can also use ammonia for this purpose. You can use a 2:1 water and ammonia solution for this task. Take a bucket and mix ammonia with water. Please avoid adding any bleach to ammonia because it can be very dangerous.

Spread the ammonia mixture on the water and then scrub the floor. Please wear safety measures such as masks, Googles, and gloves to avoid direct contact with the chemical. If ammonia does not work for your stubborn glue, then you can also buy a commercially used glue remover, easily available on the market. It can definitely help you with removing carpet glue from concrete.

4. Use of Iron

If all the above methods are not working for your floor, and you are thinking about how to remove carpet adhesive from concrete, then here is another method for you that can be helpful. For this method, use iron to remove the glue from the concrete floor. You only need a spare newspaper and an iron to remove the glue.

Place unscrambled newspaper on the floor where you have to remove the glue. Start ironing the newspaper and repeat the process several times in the same direction. You see that the patches of glue will stick to the newspaper, and your floor is now completely clean. If this method is working for you, then apply it to all your floors. Although this is a time-consuming task, it is still very effective.

5. Use of Acetone

Acetone is one of the powerful solutions to remove carpet glue from floors. You can use acetone to remove old carpet glue from cement. This is one of the very effective methods, and you can easily apply it. You just need to have an old toothbrush, masks, gloves, acetone, a container, and a damp cloth.

Put the acetone in the plastic container and then dip the toothbrush in the container and scrub it on the floor. You’ll notice how easily the glue comes off your floor. Don’t forget to wear a mask and gloves to avoid any interaction with acetone. After cleaning the glue with a brush, clean the floor with a damp cloth.

Please never consider acetone as a cleaning agent for your floors or carpets. It is not safe for this purpose. You can use it just when you have to clean the floor before carpeting.

6. Use of Sand

After completely cleaning the floor glue, it’s now time to remove it from the pores of the concrete. When you are using methods of how to get carpet glue off the concrete, you may avoid the pores, so now it’s time to clean the pores of your floor from the glue. For this purpose, rent a floor sander and then use it to grit the pores.

First, use aggressive grit to clear the pores completely, and then use finer grit to complete the sanding process. This is the last and most important step in learning how to remove outdoor carpet glue from concrete.

What Else to Keep in Mind When Removing Carpet Glue from Concrete?

There are many things that you should keep in mind while removing glue from the concrete floor, but the most important thing is never to use chemicals without safety measures. Always wear gloves and a mask when you are interacting with ammonia or acetone.

One thing more, many carpets have tack strips on the outer edge, so when you remove this strip, there are one to two holes in the concrete floor that look ugly when filled with cement. According to expert advice, keep these holes untreated and then, after removing the glue from all the floors, fill these holes with transparent epoxy to preserve the look of your beautiful floor.


Now you know how to get off concrete carpet glue, as I have mentioned very easy/simple methods to remove the glue from your concrete floor. One of these ways can help you remove your glue, but if none of them can help you, then it is better to stain the flooring or be concerned with a professional.

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need To Separate Carpet Glue Before Installing Vinyl?

It is not always necessary to remove carpet glue before installing vinyl flooring. If your glue is smooth, then you can go ahead without removing it. You just need to remove the nails and tack strips from the floor. If your glue is a problem on your vinyl flooring, then you should remove it.

2. Can I Acid Stain Or Paint The Concrete After Using Carpet Glue Removers?

Staining or painting a floor with glue is almost impossible, so you must use glue removers to separate the glue from your floor. After removing the glue, you can easily stain or paint your concrete floor.

3. Does Vinegar Remove Glue Residue, And If So Do I Need Stronger Vinegar, Or Will What I Have In My Pantry Work?

Yes, using vinegar can also be a solution for removing the glue from your floor. Because of the adhesive materials in glue, you can’t remove the glue from mild vinegar, so you must use strong vinegar for this purpose. Vinegar is not always so effective for removing glue, but it can work on plastic floors.