Is It Hard to Turn a Garage Into an ADU in California?

is it hard to convert a garage into an adu in california

Are you wondering if it’s hard to turn your garage into an ADU in California?

The answer is no. In California, it is not hard to turn your garage into an ADU. It is now easier than ever to do garage conversions in California.

More and more people have recently been converting their garages into accessory dwelling units. Are you wondering why or how?

A Recently Passed Law Makes It Easy for Garage Conversion to Take Place

A recently passed law called Senate Bill 1069 (SB-1069) has been a cause of the legal ease involved with California garage to ADU conversion.

The state of California has come to a point where housing costs are relatively high for the general public. Accordingly, a main purpose of this bill is to provide additional housing spaces that can be rented out for affordable prices.

As a result of homeowners converting their garages into ADU, affordable housing spaces are being created.

How Does This Law Make it Easy to Convert a Garage Into an ADU?

Prior to this bill being passed, individual cities made it extremely difficult for homeowners to obtain proper permits for conversions.

The law SB-1069 prohibits local agencies such as cities from requiring permits. It also prevents them from imposing connection fees or capacity charges. A set of standards and regulations for garage conversion is provided by this law.

The set of standards are regulations provided by this law make the process of conversion a very fast and easy. No need to depend on the city to give you a permit in order for you to use your garage as a legal secondary housing unit.

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