Renovation vs Remodel

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Renovation vs remodel information. Are you wondering what the difference is between home renovation vs remodeling?

Many property owners planning on doing home improvements might subconsciously think these two words mean the same thing. Although in reality, the words renovation and remodel have two different meanings.

Renovation vs Remodel Differences

Let’s look into the details about differences between the two words. By understanding what they each mean, you can begin to use each word properly.

Renovation Meaning

The word renovation refers to “restoring” an existing structure and making it new again without changing the way it looks.

In this case, an existing structure that is worn out or damaged can be renovated by providing it with the proper repairs. As in result of renovation, an existing structure that was worn out or looking old will look new once again. Therefore, the structure will keep its existing look.

A renovated structure or room does not take on a new changed look, it just looks like a newer version of its self with the same style and design as it always was.

Remodel Meaning

The word remodel refers to changing the structure of something and giving it a different look.

When remodeling an area, there is usually demolishing involved and a completely new structure is formed to meet the needs of a new design. Therefore, a remodeled structure will have a different look relative to the previous structure that was in its place.

For example, garage conversion is considered to be remodeling, not renovation. This is due to the fact that the structure is being changed, not just renewed.

Additional Information About Renovation vs Remodel

In most cases, remodeling projects can be more expensive than renovation projects.

This is due to the fact that renovating an existing structure generally requires less labor and material compared to remodeling. Renovating an existing part of a home just to make it look newer doesn’t require nearly as much labor and material as demolition and building a whole new structure would require.

Clarification Examples of Renovation vs Remodel

Renovation Example

An example of renovation would be if the area had construction work done on it to restore it and make it look new again. During a renovation, the home will keep its same style and look, while looking new again.

Remodel Example

An example of a remodel consist of changing the way the remodeled area looks. When we do home remodeling in Los Angeles, the style of the remodeled area is upgraded and changed. In this case, the remodeled area takes on a whole new look which differs from how it previously looked.

Renovation vs Remodel Overview

In basic terms, a renovation project will make the area look new again with the same style, on the other hand, a remodel project will upgrade and change the way an area looks with a new different style.

Many property owners looking to do construction on their house may have mistaken the difference between renovation vs remodel prior to reading this article. Are you interested in seeing some renovation and remodeling jobs done by All American Builders? Check out our Google business listing for pictures and more information about our company!


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