Salt Water Pool vs Chlorine

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Salt water pool vs chlorine swimming pool information. Are you wondering about the differences between the two and which one is better?

There are various articles out there that do not provide the obvious clear answer as to which one is better. We’re here to make the answer more clear for the general public. Salt water pools are better overall. We will explain our answer in simple but precise details.

Salt Water Pool vs Chlorine Pros and Cons

The differences between a salt water pool vs chlorine pool can be calculated with their pros and cons. A salt water pool has important benefits compared to a traditional chlorine swimming pool.

The main benefits are related to health of the users. There is still chlorine in salt water pools, but there is a much lower concentration of it. Having low amounts of chlorine in pool is very beneficial for a swimmers health compared to traditional chlorine pools.

Certain amounts of chlorine can cause irritation to skin, irritation to eyes, burning pain, and redness. It is also known that long-term exposure to low levels of chlorine gas is potentially linked to lung diseases, shortness of breath, and tooth corrosion. Although certain amounts of chlorine are required for its negative health effects to be visible, it is easy to understand that chlorine is not good for human health.

When it comes down to price, salt water pools have a higher initial expense. However, the cost of maintaining a chlorine pool is higher.

Pros of Salt Water Pools

  • Lower concentration of chlorine
  • Less irritant on skin
  • Less irritant on eyes
  • Costs less in maintenance chemicals
  • Do not require maintenance as frequently as chlorine pools

Con of Salt Water Pools

  • Initial installation is more expensive compared to a chlorine pool

Another thing that some may consider a con about salt water pools is that they have a slightly higher electricity cost. Although, this is not necessarily a con because the average maintenance cost still remains less than a chlorine pool due to savings on chemicals.

Pro of Chlorine Pools

  • Lower initial cost

Cons of Chlorine Pools

  • Relatively high amount of chlorine compared to salt water pools.
  • Certain amounts of chlorine are known to cause negative health effects.
  • Can cause irritation in the eyes such as itchiness, burning, and blurriness.
  • Can cause irritation in the skin such as itchiness and burning.
  • Has a higher cost of maintenance compared to salt water.

Salt Water Pools Are Better Overall

In simple terms, salt water pools are better overall.

Mainly the only so called “down side” is that they have a higher initial cost. But hey, better things usually cost more right? Although the initial cost of a salt water pool is higher, chlorine pools require more expenses for maintenance over the long run anyways.

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