The Add-on Process: The Importance of Construction Permits

Let’s talk about construction permits and inspections. Before you start your next project, you want to secure all appropriate permits for modifications or additions to the home. Non-permitted work presents major health and safety risks to you, your family, and any future residents.

Room additions are inspected at various points during construction from framing, plumbing, electrical, heating and cooling systems. Building codes set minimum requirements for the types and sizes of materials to be used to meet safety standards. Additionally, buildings have specific zoning information that is listed in California’s Zoning Code. These requirements are based by neighborhood, but the information is highly complex.

The Process of Obtaining Construction Permits

According to Los Angeles County Public Works, the process of obtaining building permits is basically the same for additions/alterations as it is for new structures. This process begins with determining what type of structure meets the zoning requirements of the site. An applicant should have a dimensioned plot plan illustrating an overhead view of the property with all structures outlined and distances to property lines and between structures identified. The existing and proposed construction should be clearly indicated as well. Once an applicant has a complete construction plan for the project, it is then submitted to the local Building and Safety District office.

It’s true, the applications and inspections can make your head spin, which is precisely why we recommend hiring an experienced, locally licensed contractor who offers quality work.

Our contractors know what is required for all types of home remodeling in Los Angeles, CA. From kitchen remodeling to large scale additions, we do it all. Let us worry about staying on top of the necessary permits, while you hunt for chic furniture and trendy décor.