The Process of Building an ADU in California

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What Is the Process of Building an ADU in California?

Are you wondering what the process of building an ADU in California is? The process of building an ADU in California can slightly vary based on the unique specifications of each project, but in most cases the process is very similar.

Most accessory dwelling units are usually built from garage conversions in Los Angeles, although, in some cases they are new building additions as well.

There are various steps that are generally taken when building a legally permitted ADU in California.

Steps of Building an ADU in California

Step 1: Think About and Come up With a Basic Idea of Your Desired ADUs Size, Layout, Style, and Materials

The goal of the first step is for you to just get somewhat of an idea of how you want your ADU to be.

In the beginning, just come up with a generalized idea about certain specifications of your desired ADU, such as size, layout, style, materials, and anything else you can think of. This can be adjusted and improved upon during the following steps.

Step 2: Set up an Appointment With a Professional Near You to Start Legitimizing the Process

A general contractor or home remodeling company that specializes in ADUs can help you start legitimizing the entire process from start to finish.

They will help you with legal requirements, planning, financing, construction, and more.

Step 3: Discuss and Plan Project Details With the Professional, Including Size, Layout, Design, and Materials

During your appointment with a professional, discuss all the ideas you thought of during step one.

The professional you choose to work with should be able to take the ideas you share with them about your desired ADU, and provide you with proper suggestions and information about making the best choices for your specific situation.

After going over all the details with the professional, they should be able to provide you with an estimate of how much the project would cost you.

Step 4: Create Blueprints and Submit to City or County

After coming up with the details of your project with a professional and going over costs, the professional should be able to create blueprints for the project if you decide you want to hire them for the job.

Once blueprints are created, they will need to be submitted to your local government agency and they will need to be approved before beginning the process of construction.

Step 5: Begin Construction Process After Obtaining Permit Approval from City or County

After obtaining approval for a permit, the construction process can begin.

Stay updated with everything that goes on throughout the entire construction process in order to make sure things are going according to plan. Construction workers may be more careful throughout the entire process if they see that the owner is interested in everything that goes on during that time.

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